Boise Cryotherapy

There are a few places available for cryotherapy in Boise.

Top Cryotherapy in Boise

Active Health & Wellness

1521 E Boise Ave, Boise, ID 83706, USA


Google Review: 4.5/5

Please always consult a doctor before getting cryotherapy sessions. Here are some chiropractors and clinics in Boise you can visit.

Boise Chiropractor & Massage Therapy At Thrive Chiropratic

2404 S Orchard St Suite 800, Boise, ID 83705, USA


There are 223,154 people in Boise. Many of which use cryotherapy as a part of their work out routine. If you’re new to Boise and looking for a gym near a cryotherapy center in Boise check out the list below.

Boise CrossFit

3235 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83714, USA


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